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Sugar Hype.


Sprinkles Ice Cream just recently opened up in Newport Beach in the same plaza as Sprinkles Cupcakes.  I waited a few weeks for it to die down so I wouldn’t have to stand in a line for an hour just to get me some of this icy goodness.  Lucky for my friend and I, we only had to wait for about 20 minutes in the hot sun…but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! I ended up getting their  version of a sundae which is ice cream in the middle of their cupcake that is cut up into two halves.  The flavor I chose was a Blood Orange Sorbet in between a dark chocolate cupcake. YUM!!! So going back one day. >=)

Have a great weekend everybody!



Blue Filled.


Hi! It has a been a while since I posted something….SORRY guise! 😦  Life changes sure keeps a person busy and on their toes!  Anyway the outfit was just something I threw on (jeans, collar button up shirt, tank top, and wallet), quick & causal…what I didn’t notice until later is that it’s all different shades of blue! Yep it was a blue filled day…or I just have to much blue in my closet!


Hair Morning.

So I’m trying to get back to the grind with my hair hobby.  Since my friends with long hair aren’t near by I have to use my own. Playing with my own hair is a challenge simply because I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. >.<  I figure if I start off simple I can slowly get use to it and start styling more complicated looks.  Today I decided to do a side dutch braid and wrapped it around a side ponytail. =)

IMG_20130330_103715-2IMG_20130330_103724-1IMG_20130330_103627-1IMG_20130330_103757-1 IMG_20130330_103748-1


Flower Crowns.

I have been obsessed with this look. A crown of flowers on your head as a hair accessory.  Apparently it is becoming a sought after look for brides and a trend this spring.  Of course it isn’t something that is literally wearable every day, but it wouldn’t hurt to try something like this for a day.  I’m seriously getting inspired to make my own flower crown and style hair to go along with it.

Photo from here.

Photo from here.

Photo from here.

Photo from here.


Coffee Days.


Thank goodness for the weekend!  This whole week has been crazy.  I’m pretty sure most of you would understand those hectic unsettling times when you are making some type of decision that will change your life in some way.  Since it’s a new journey the transition is usually rough and bumpy.  That’s how it usually works, so eventually things should settle down…might take awhile though.  Anyway, I finally got to wear my new fedora and I’m loving it!  Paired it with my pale pink & white stripped top over my black and white confetti dress with black tights.   To work with the hat, I curled my hair…what a nice small change. =)

One thing I notice, I can’t go through most days without some type of coffee.  I try not to be attached to it but it keeps me awake and makes me happier.  I remember someone told me that a cup a day isn’t bad for you…might actually be good for you.  But, who knows…


F21 Haul.


Did a little shop therapy online to lift my spirits this past week.  After browsing through different sites, I ended up buying items from forever 21.  I purchased a studded fedora, cross bracelet, stripped dolman top, and a leopard print tulip skirt. Haven’t figure out what outfits I can use each piece in, but I’m excited to wear all of them!




Picture of the week! Took this after the rain stopped.  So beautiful.



White Cover.

P1050794 P1050795 P1050813 P1050829 P1050815

I usually don’t like roaming around the neighborhood during the hottest time of the day.  But with the bipolar weather lately, I made a go for it, before the ominous clouds come back and a rain shower appears. Rush out of the house with really the basics: a white thin jacket, light grey blouse, bright sea green shorts from F21 with black tights under, worn out silver flats, and a plain white cap.  I realize my closet is full of basics, but it can’t be helped because basics are so easy to mix and match.  That and I’m thinking I favor very simple pieces.  Ah, a quick stroll outside breathing in the fresh air is good for the mind, body, & soul.


Between Friends.


 This is my pic for the week that just past by. It isn’t anything fancy or full of nature wonder but it pretty much sums up that week. Friends going through problems and friends being there for each other.  A week of emotional turmoil and uncertainty…deserves a cup of milk tea. What’s your go to therapy doing times of stress? =)


Healthy Eats

P1050718 P1050725

Today was all about eating healthy!  I’ve been hearing good things about this “hole in the wall” place called Secret Spot near the beach that serves healthy, vegetarian, & vegan Mexican food so I told my friend you must take me!  And she did, I ended up ordering a Mango Chicken Wrap that comes with chips & salsa and a fresh squeeze raspberry lemonade. It was filling, light, delicious, and fresh! I’m so going back to eat there one day.  Continuing on with our healthy eats journey we stop by this place called Banzai Bowls for dessert.  We decided to share a Maui Sunrise (acai & fruit mixed topped with granola, coconut shavings, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.) The thing I love the most about eating healthy, you don’t feel overstuffed and sick afterwards. Yep, it was a good healthy day. =)